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The Green(er) Fuel Protocol, reviews fuel choices in a broader, holistic manner. This includes looking at environmental, social, and economic factors.

  • Lafarge's Bath Plant Leaps Forward
  • Reducing Noise at the Bath Plant
  • Stack Emissions Now Monitored Every 10 Secs.
  • The Bath Plant Welcomes New Employees
  • What's the latest on alternative fuels?
  • ...
  • Lafarge supports: history and community
  • Bath Plant Tune Up 2006
  • Clearing the Air – an Interview with Robert Cumming
  • Welcome Scott Beckett & James Wynn
  • Lafarge Tree Planting 2006
  • Welcome Naga Boddu & Doug Anderson
  • Bath Plant donations
  • Queen's study on scrap tire energy use
  • Alternative fuels project update
  • Officials visit Plants using scrap tires as fuel
  • A warm welcome to our new employees
  • Safety remains#1 priority for new plant manager
  • Bath plant recognized for its environmental efforts
  • Turning Scrap Tires into Cement: A Fact Sheet
  • A Message from the Plant Manager
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; Lafarge lends a hand and much more
  • About Lafarge
  • Scrap Tires as Fuel
  • Welcome new staff!


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